We believe in positive reinforcement.

We are Patrick and Veronica. We believe that with some love and patience, all dogs from strays to pedigrees can be trained. A trained dog is more confident, self-reliant and reliable, while its human is equipped with skills to bring out furkid's best. 

Our training methods are Low-Stress Handling® Silver Certifed and our trainers are Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) and Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach  (CCFC).

Your health and safety are important to us. We have implemented safety measures to keep both dogs and humans safe!

Bring out your

Furkid's best.


Training dogs the fun and effective way! From learning basic commands, to instilling proper social behaviours, your furkid will become more confident and sociable. 


Obedience Training

Teach your dog the basic obedience commands.

Canine Conditioning Fitness

Build and develop your dog's  fitness and agility.

Behaviour Modification

Eliminate your dog's bad habits and undesirable traits.

Trick Training

Build bonds with fun challenges. Earn International Trick Dog Titles!

Puppy Kindergarten

Teach your puppy essential life skills and establish a lifelong bond.

Customised Private Class

We cater to all your needs in a custom built class.



Not sure what to do with your dog? We can help.


Our Partnered Pet Shop

Students enrolled at Pawsitive Furkids are entitled to 10% off their first order with Kohepets. Please check with our Trainers for the promo code to enjoy this exclusive perk. Click here for more info.


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Mikhail & Olga Afanasyev with Maia

As a result of weekly, systematic group exercises our dog Maia became more responsive to our commands outside, in the presence of different distractions. We learned to consistently perform basic commands like “Stay”, “Off” & “Heel”, while our human-dog bond was seemingly increased!


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