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Vatanya with Mushu

Veronica and Patrick were superb instructors!  They were patient and broke down each command step-by-step, so it is easy for both the owner and puppy to understand!  Not only were the classes constructive, they were fun - Mushu made puppy friends and got to play with puppies his own age!



Mikhail & Olga Afanasyev with Maia

As a result of weekly, systematic group exercises our dog Maia became more responsive to our commands outside, in the presence of different distractions. We learned to consistently perform basic commands like “Stay”, “Off” & “Heel”, while our human-dog bond was seemingly increased. In between the sessions we also learned some neat tricks that helped us to achieve Novice Trick Dog status. The instructors, Patrick and Veronica, who most importantly possess valuable dog handling experience, were very supportive and helpful during the training and in solving existing problems that we met with Maia at home.


Desmond-Biscuit Naiyou.JPG

Desmond Goh with Biscuit Goh Naiyou

On day one of training, Naiyou was hiding in one corner and unwilling to participate.  However, Patrick and Veronica were patient and encouraging to assure is that she will get better, and at the same time constantly helping to get Naiyou to open up more.  Through their guidance and assistance, Naiyou was able to open up and play well with the other puppies and did well for her assessment by week 6.  Thank you so much for everything!



Douglas, Henny & Jathi with Mocha

Veronica and Patrick were absolutely wonderful! They are patient, they listen carefully, they explain training techniques, and they set very clear weekly goals. Great people!



Martin Howarth & family with Bruno

Patrick & Veronica were brilliant, instilling confidence in both myself and Bruno (GSD). Patrick led us through the obedience basics training, and with a lot of patience, enhanced the relationship between me and Bruno, to a point where we were able to complete the basic obedience certificate. Patrick and Veronica clearly love dogs and nearly instantly had Bruno eating out of their hands (literally!!). Finally their relaxed approach and patience made the learning experience very enjoyable. Thanks    -Martin & Bruno.



Tingting & Jason with Bobby

We benefited a lot from the Basic Obedience Course where I learnt new and useful commands, and more importantly, how to apply these commands. Patrick and Veronica offered many suggestions to help lower my dog's stress level outside of the home. They also taught me how to encourage my dog to listen to me outside, and I am happy to say that I have better successes now. Overall, the course is extremely useful, and is the first step to training my dog to behave appropriately. Not only is their training method effective, Patrick and Veronica are very patient and helpful, having gone beyond the course to help me manage my dog's behavior. From  this course, I believe pet owners should only use the positive reinforcement method.


Samuel & Qi Qi with Kiko

Patrick & Veronica have been amazing teachers and were always available to help with any queries and questions that we had.  They were very knowledgeable and knew how to handle the pups and understand their behaviour.

Rachel Goh with Bear.jpeg

Rachel Goh with Bear

Patrick and Veron are passionate about training dogs using positive reinforcement, and this passion shows in their patience when guiding Bear and I through training! They are able to identify issues quickly and accurately, and formulate targetted ways to rectify the issue for each dog. They would constantly check in on training progress, and encourage us to continue the hard work! They make training fun and enjoyable too! Highly recommended for anyone with furfriends, be it for behaviour modification or learning tricks! Cheers!



Patrick Tang & Cooper

The trainings have helped so much. Cooper is now obeying commands. I have learnt a lot too. We have been telling friends about how good and important to send dogs to this class. A disciplined dog is a safe and obedient dog, good for them as well as owners!



Nicholas & Abigail with Summer

Pawsitive Furkids has been a good organisation for us to receive obedience training for Summer.  We have learnt a lot of useful commands and tips that will definitely be beneficial in the near future to come.  The trainers were also very good and gave advice and good feedback.  Would strongly recommend the classes under Pawsitive Furkids.



Samuel & Ching Ching with Happy, Goody & Goven

Our family had the pleasure of having our three dogs go through the basic obedience class with Patrick and Veronica. Classes were enjoyable and fun. They are able to customise the training according to the varying needs of our dogs and also other dogs in the class. The lesson objectives are clear and learning reinforced in each class.

We had our training with another trainer previously. It was not effective. With Pawsitive Furkids, we are impressed by Patrick and Veronica’s professionalism. We also bond better with our dogs after the training.



Lydia & family with Zane

Both Trainers Veron and Patrick are very good. They were very patient with my dog Zane and gave detailed steps and demonstrated how to train the dog. Zane is more disciplined and learnt many new dog tricks!



Alison with Debbie

A constructive approach to encourage good, social and safe behaviour. We have attended two training courses and would recommend for all dogs.



Adrian & Mag with Zico

We adopted Zico from the Singapore Police Force’s K9 Unit, after he served 8 years of active duty. While Zico was already trained as a police dog, we needed to orientate him to being a family dog. Patrick and Veronica of Pawsitive Furkids helped Zico through their training sessions with us. We were especially pleased that their obedience training allowed Zico to be more “sociable” with other dogs, and demonstrated how we could encourage Zico to give us his full attention during walks. Thanks to Patrick and Veronica’s patience and experience, we are so glad to have learnt useful tips on how to positively reinforce what both Zico and we learnt from the training 👍



Clarissa with Sofie

It has been a very enriching 6 lessons for Sofie. Patrick and Veronica were very knowledgeable and patient. They made the lessons easy to understand and follow through. I am happy to see Sofie slowly get more confident and more responsive to commands. Sofie really enjoyed the time playing with her little furry classmates. 



Sasha and Gaia with Levi

Patrick and Veronica came to our house for a puppy training class. They were friendly and very informative with all our questions. They also emailed us later with a summary of things to work on. It was a pleasure learning from them!



John, Rebekah & Hannah with Latte

The structured lessons and training were helpful. Text and WhatsApp feedback and encouragement were very good.  The training program was clear, structured, friendly & approachable. Veron and Patrick were open to questions and gave us timely answers & responses.  



Michelle with Noel

Trainers Patrick and Veron definitely know how to train and understand dogs in a positive and corrective manner. My goal was to help Noel open up more and socialise more with both human and dog. This training helped him open up, understand basic commands, and respond to human better with exercises like “Watch me” which was what I really like, as it helps build a communication bond between Noel and me. Through this training, I never knew that dogs are actually so smart, and you need not tug or drag them, they will do what you want them to do, all it takes is patience and be quick to  “Mark” the right behaviour with yummy treats.



Susanna with Benji

Patrick & Veronica - a pair of awesome instructors! 

You have provided clear, concise instructions and importantly personalised tutoring throughout the 6 weeks of training. You have also given handlers useful tips like massaging, "ease & relax" the dog. 

Basically, training is more than just bonding and having fun with your dog. It is a win-win situation for both dog/pup and yourself - that's the take away I get from the Pawsitive Furkids 6 weeks of training.

Kudos to Patrick & Veronica!!!


Bryan with Fido

Patrick and Veronica are incredible dog trainers! Having been through other trainers with my previous dogs, I must say the "Pawsitive" methods taught by them are highly effective contrary to popular belief. After attending their course, Fido was noticeably calmer around other dogs and strangers – and definitely a lot happier! As every dog learns at a different pace, Patrick and Veronica were able to quickly adapt and modify group sessions so that no one (humans included) got left behind. I strongly recommend reaching out to them to find out more about their training methods as it incorporates a good mix of discipline, bond-building and fun!


Michelle with Sachi and Aniki

We recently have the pleasure of attending a basic obedience course run by Pawsitive Furkids. We couldn't have asked for better guidance than Patrick and Veronica. They were both very clear in their instructions and were highly patient with our dogs. 
They were always keen to find out about our progress and clearly understood the demands of trying to train two dogs at the same time. Our dogs responded very well to their demonstrations and this gave us confidence that our dogs could be trained, contrary to our beliefs at times. Lessons were fun and lively and they gave us enough time to practice the skills taught. Even after the course, they have kindly offered their assistance, which is greatly appreciated. We, and our dogs, loved our time with them and we would not hesitate to recommend this course to any dog owner, old or new.  

Jamie with Kingsley

Patrick & Veronica were extremely patient with both Kingsley and me from Day 1. The “homework” we went back with each week helped us cultivate habits we needed to implement daily. Kingsley arrived in Week 1 a skittish puppy running away from the slightest noise of leaves rustling and graduated a brave dog with a trick dog cert under his belt as well! The course gave me the confidence to handle my dog and created an even closer bond between Kingsley and me! Highly recommend.


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