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Behaviour Modification

Private one-to-one session


S$ 240


60 mins


At your convenience


At your convenience

We can help change your furkid's habits.

Bad behaviour in pets often stems from fear. Aggressive habits such as barking, or worse, biting, resource guarding and lunging/pulling on the leash, is a response to perceived threats. Your pet’s reaction is activated by specific triggers that it deems as harmful. Behaviour modification seeks to modify this over-reactive reflex. Naturally, a scared dog cannot be trained effectively with methods that encourage even more timidness. 

For behaviour modification training to be successful, it takes commitment. With steady persistence, your pet will gradually learn how it should behave in all situations.

Have a question about this service? Contact us here.

Things that can be addressed:

  • Aggression

  • Separation anxiety

  • Leash reactivity

  • Fear and timidness

  • Chewing etc

Book a consultation to allow us to work with your dog so as to have a better assessment of it in order for us to recommend the most appropriate training program.

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