Puppy Kindergarten

6-week Group Class

For puppies up to 5 months old.


S$ 500


60 mins x 6

Class Size

Up to 4


Every Saturday at 11am

Next available class

13th November 2021


Eng Kong Terrace


Teach your puppy essential life skills and establish a lifelong bond!

Puppy training is crucial for developing good manners and healthy behaviour. It is the first step to make sure negative habits do not form or continue into adulthood. These classes will help to instill confidence in your puppy, as well as skills that allow for good interactions with other dogs and people of all ages.


Puppies that are exposed to socialisation during this time are also better at handling new situations, keeping them safe instead of skittish. With our puppy training, Learn how to prevent problems before they emerge, and feel confident that your furkid will be able to communicate in a safe social manner with your family or children.

Group sessions can be arranged at your preferred time and location for groups of 3 friends or more!

Have a question about the class? Contact us here.

Basic obedience that your puppy will learn:


  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stand

  • Stay

  • Loose leash walk

  • Come

  • Sit for greeting

  • Focus

We will also cover the following fundamentals:


  • Building a foundation

  • Establishing Trust

  • Controlling Impulse

  • Creating a safe environment

  • Developing consistency

  • Bonding