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Our Partners


ZumVet & ZumShop

ZumVet is an online veterinary platform for pet owners. With video consultation and medication delivery, ZumVet delivers professional and reliable veterinary care at your convenience and hassle-free medication delivery.

ZumShop is an online store that features high-quality products to tackle a variety of pet health and wellness concerns from physical and mental health all the way to interactive toys. ZumShop is stocked with a variety of carefully curated products by trusted vets. 

New users will get 50% off their first video consult booking!



GiGwi's research-based pet products are created with pets’ needs in mind. Coupled with Pawsitive Furkids’ positive reinforcement training methods, GiGwi toys will be great additions to help people and their pets spend hours of fun together.



YoDoggo is Singapore's only provider of gently cooked, freeze-dried dog food. A unique concept that combines the nutrition, health, and taste of fresh food with the convenience of dry food.


Our recipes are formulated by renowned canine nutritionists and are complete and balanced to meet AAFCO and FEDIAF standards.

  • 100% human-grade ingredients

  • 90% fresh meat, 10% vegetables, power seeds, and antioxidants

  • No freezer, No fridge, No thawing - our foods can be prepared in just 10 minutes.

YoDoggo offers personalized monthly meal plans to ensure your dog receives all the nutrients they need.


Up For Paws

Up For Paws dog daycare, based in Singapore, offers activities using force-free learning and play.

Guided by your dog’s natural behaviours, our ever-changing roster of activities will keep your dogs mentally, physically, and socially exercised until they are back home. Discover all the things your amazing dog loves to do!



LickiMats are a unique and versatile product designed by vets. They are designed to improve your pet’s mental health, digestion, and oral health.  


LickiMat is a great reward tool during training sessions. You can spread a bit of your dog's favourite soft food on the mat and offer it to them as a reward for completing a command correctly. This can help to reinforce positive behaviours and make training sessions more enjoyable for your dog.

For more training tips, seek our trainers from Pawsitive Furkids!

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